Blackberry Creek Retreat Bed and Breakfast has gained a reputation of a special place in the Missouri Ozarks, where special people come together, creating special projects, indulging in wonderful meals, in a reclusive, quiet location.  Well, quiet until they arrive! Whether they come to Scrapbook, Sew, Knit, Needlepoint, Cross-Stitch, Quilt, celebrate a Girl's Weekend, or just read a book, first time Retreaters arrive curious to what to expect, and leave new friends and refreshed from their country escape. Our Retreaters have blessed us with many fond memories, relationships, stories, and an exhibition of their individual creative genius.


From our first Quilters Retreat Weekend in the beginning, Blackberry Creek Retreat B&B has developed a sense of the perfect retreat experience, deliver what we have learned, and this usually results in more often than not, our Retreaters closing the weekend by saying, "Get your calendar, we want to see what you have available.....". Many come two or three times a year.

Originally, we offered 3 meals a day, but retreaters claimed "too much food", so we paired down to 2 meals. These groups always filled the facility (we had a ten retreater minimum) and some years, grabbed 80% of our weekends. While this kept our rooms full, it also meant much more kitchen work, time and expenses, and no dates available for our originally intended market - couples and overnight guests (breakfast only). 


As we entered out 10th year in 2017, with much experience in our rear view mirror, we saw a need to change up our offerings a bit. As this Innkeeper gained years on the body, it became apparent the need to slow down. We started limiting our dinner retreats, and then the decision was made going into our 12th year (2019), to offer breakfast only (many retreat centers we discovered do this, or provide no meals at all). We also desired to capture overnight B&B business, our original goal. In focusing on this plan, we can also take retreaters with no minimum number, since they are treated like our standard overnight guests. 

In approaching retreats in this way, freeing up Innkeeper time and expenses, new opportunities have popped up allowing us to offer more events and fun things, and spend quality time with our retreaters during their stay.  While we thought the "LiTE-Retreats" (breakfast only) would affect many of our group's decisions, it seems we are just as popular and welcoming new groups. 

For more photos and information on past retreats visit our blog.

 To request more  information, check availability of your date, please contact us and we'll get in touch with you soon.

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Retreat Pricing

A GREAT Value For Such Rewarding Getaway

Retreat Pricing

2019 Individual Room Prices (per night for 2)

(these are subject to change so verify before booking)

King Room (Compton Hollow or Panther Valley)

$150 + tax ($159.46) for 2 Extra Bed charge is $35

2 people pay $79.73 ea. per night / 3 people pay $65.56 ea. per night.

Queen Combo (Cynda’s Queen + Twin) or Twin Room Combo (Dixie Garden - 3 Twins) 

$135 + tax ($143.52) for 2 Extra Bed charge is $25

2 people pay $71.76 ea. per night / 3 people pay $56.70 ea. per night.

Queen (Ozarks - No Extra Bed Option)

$135 + tax ($143.52) for 2 

2 people pay $71.76 ea. per night

Considerations and Other Things…..

- Book room on-line desired, and mention Retreat and what craft so we can setup appropriately. For example, we’ll set workstations up for each retreater, and if quilting, an ironing station, cutting station, and design wall if desired. 

- If booking a Retreat and not ALL rooms, BCR reserves the right to book available rooms to other guests. If other rooms take a booking (we will let both parties know), we require the Retreaters to respect the other guest stay. Our Retreat area downstairs is very quiet, but please keep noise down during late and early hours for the comfort of all guests. Additionally, retreaters and guests will enjoy breakfast and fellowship together…..

2019 Retreat Group Prices (12 or More - 2 Night Minimum)

(these are subject to change so verify before booking unless deposits have been placed locking in prices)

10  Retreaters (Ozarks Room not included but blocked)

$65 per retreater/per night

11  Retreaters (All Rooms but no Twins added to Kings)

$58 per retreater/per night

12  Retreaters (All Rooms but no Twins added to Kings)

$58 per retreater/per night

13  Retreaters (All Rooms but and one Twin added to King)

$55 per retreater/per night

14  Retreaters (All Rooms and 2 Twins added to Kings)

$55 per retreater/per night

Considerations and Other Things…..

- Deposit - A $50 Non-Refundable Deposit is required to hold the spot/room. If a cancellation occurs, the rate and rooms fall down rate appropriately. 

= Notify BCR of what craft so we can setup appropriately. For example, we’ll set workstations up for each retreater, and if quilting, an ironing station, cutting station, and design wall if desired. 

- 2-Night Minimum Required for FULL Facility Retreats. If booking 3 or more nights, we will honor split nights i.e. some 3-Nights, and some 2-Nights as long as the longer stay retreaters are greater number than lesser night stays (for example 7 retreaters staying 3 nights, but 3 coming only for 2 nights). 

- Breakfast Only is served by BCR on LiTE-Retreats. If your group numbers 12 or more, BCR will provide a LiTE-Meal one evening (i.e. our Signature Chowder with Salad or Sandwich. 

- For Full Facility Retreats (10 or more), BCR will provide 24/7 coffee, tea, and water (some soft drinks) and bag snacks i’e chips, granola and breakfast bars. 

- Our Amish Neighbors have indicated they can provide an Amish Dinner for an extra fee (BCR will pickup and take home) for groups of 10 or more. Charge is $15 per person and meal will be set Family Style with desserts.

- BCR reserves the right to accept or decline FULL Retreats based on booking load and calendar conflicts. Please consult the InnKeeper prior to booking a FULL Retreat for dates and availability. 

- KITCHEN USE - Please coordinate if you desire to use our kitchen  to prepare meals. We prefer meals to be prepped ahead of time where possible. We have crock pots, pans, refrigerator, freezer, etc. for use. Guests are welcome to use our plating and service ware. We kindly ask that you rinse and load dishwasher (Innkeeper will run in morning).

Ozarks Quilting Group Retreat / Scrapbooking Retreat

- We have (5) guest rooms - (2) Kings, (2) Queens and (1) with 3 Twin Beds, Double occupancy required. We can host a maximum of (14) Retreaters in beds (twins can be added to some rooms not having one). 

Springfield Missouri Area RetreatsRetreat Policies

- Price includes lodging, a hearty, filling breakfast, Snack/Drink Tables, work tables and chairs, our signature Welcome Blackberry Spritzer upon arrival, and plenty of Ozarks beauty and hospitality.

- Time - Retreaters can arrive at 3 pm first day of their stay (2-night, 3-night, etc.), through noon last day. Organizers can arrive 2 hours earlier for setup of your group (i.e. room assignments, gift packages, table setup confirmation & approval, etc.). In cases where the Retreat does not have bookings on either end, additional time for Retreating is often allowed, i.e. Sunday departure mid-afternoon. Check with Innkeepers prior to arrival, or if earlier arrival or meal (extra charge) is required.

Bountiful Breakfast

- Food Allergies and RestrictionsBlackberry Creek Retreat B&B must be contacted two weeks prior to the event with any Retreater's food allergies or restrictions. We do our best to accommodate these requests while providing the others with the same quality and fine food normally provided.

AlcoholBlackberry Creek Retreat B&B can not sell alcohol. However, you are welcome to bring your own drinks, wine, beer, etc. We will provide wine glasses, and drink setups for meals.

BCR Retreat Prices 7.0 

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Retreat Schedule

A Look at Retreats Booked to Date

For reference, we like to publish for our retreaters and guests "Booked Retreats". While Retreats are not our only business, they do book many dates well in advance. Overnight guests and event bookings are not reflected here, but captured on our "Check Availability" booking page.

If showing Space Available, you are welcome to join and it doesn't matter WHAT you plan to do - Quilt, Sew, Scrapbook, Craft, Read a book.....Just contact us for room availability, or check on-line. 

2019 Retreats 

(Our 2019 Retreat Bookings are FULL - See you in 2020)

January 17-20 - Knit WIts (Old Friends) - FULL - Knitters

February 7-10 - Scrapp'n Floozies (Old Friends) - FULL - Scrapbookers

March 21-24 - International Sisterhood of Knitters & Scrappers (Returning Group) - FULL - Misc. Crafters

March 28-31 - Gypsy Chics (Returning Group) - FULL - Misc. Crafters

April 4-7 - Sewing Sisters (Returning Group) - FULL - Quilters

April 12-14 - Open Scrappers - Space Available

May 2-5 - Lunch Bunch (Old Friends) - FULL - Quilters

May 15-21 - HEAFRs Retreat (Old Friends) - FULL - Quilters

June 5-7 - AGWM (Old Friends) - FULL - Women's Missions Group

July 12-14 - 3 Ladies (Returning) - Space Available - Scrapbookers

July 26-28Sunset Ladies (New Group) - FULL

September 11-15 - Ding Dong Quilters (Old Friends) - FULL - Quilters

September 18-22 - GOLD Sew Sisters (Old Friends) - FULL - Quilters

September 26-29 - Girls Gone Scrappy (NEW Group) - FULL - Scrapbookers

October 10-13 - Scrappn' Sisters (Old Friends) - FULL - Scrapbookers

October 21-24 - Full Bobbin Quilters (Old Friends) - FULL

October 31-November 3 - Dueling Threads - FULL - Quilters

November 6-10 - Scrap Out Loud (Old Friends) - FULL - Crafters

November 13-17 - Outlaw Quilters (Old Friends) - FULL - Quilters

November 22-24 - FriendsGiving Weekend (PRIVATE GROUP) - Closed 

2020 Retreats 

January 9-12 - The Nixi-Knobbers (Old Friends) - FULL - Scrapbookers

January 16-19 - Knit WIts (Old Friends) - FULL - Knitters

January 30-February 2 - Gypsy Chics (Returning Group) - FULL - Misc. Crafters

February 27- March 1 - Scrapp'n Floozies (Old Friends) - FULL - Scrapbookers

March 12-15 - New Group Unnamed - FULL - Hookers & Quilters

April 16-19 - Scrappn' Sisters (Old Friends) - FULL - Scrapbookers

April 29-May 3 - Lunch Bunch (Old Friends) - FULL - Quilters

July 10-12 - SMALL Scrapbookers Retreat (Old Friends) - SPACE AVAILABLE

August 13-16 - Scrapp'n Floozies (Old Friends) - FULL - Scrapbookers

September 14-17 - Sew Sister Divas (Old Friends) - FULL - Quilters

September 24-27 - Girls Gone Scrappy (Old Friends) - FULL - Scrapbookers

October 3-9 - HEAFRs Retreat (Old Friends) - FULL - Quilters 

October 15-18 - Scrappn' Sisters (Old Friends) - FULL - Scrapbookers

October 26-29 - Blackberry Patchers (Old Friends) - FULL - Quilters

Other 2020 Event Dates (Not Available for Retreats)

April 20-26 - Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival

December 4-6 - Annual Country Christmas Open House & Craft Bazaar

NOTE - Other dates may be reserved (i.e. overnight guests, event, etc.) or not available, so please confirm with Innkeepers.

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Retreat Massages

(Additional Fee)

Retreat Massages - RELAX

Blackberry Creek Retreat offers relaxing and therapeutic massages provided by a licensed and insured 3rd party Massage Therapist with 10 years experience. Whether you've had a stressful work week, or need those retreat kinks massaged away, this service provides a rejuvenating and relaxing session, vitalizing and renewing your body for the coming days.

The Therapeutic Touch will come to your Retreat, setup their massage table in one of our King Guest Rooms, drop the shades and lights, put on some soft music, and begin the process of massaging your cares away....Choose the amount of time needed for your particular needs. 

Prerequisites & Costs

- Costs - 1 Hour @ $60 or 1/2 Hour @ $35. Credit Card, Check and Cash accepted.

- Advance Notice requested and service made available based on Therapist's schedule.

- Requires use of one of your King guestrooms for setup and service. We prefer not to do this in open areas.

- A minimum of 3 hours combined massages required. Maximum daily time is 4-5 hours day for a single Therapist . Longer times may involve two day schedule or use of a 2nd Massage Therapist in other King room.

- Payment to be made directly to The Therapeutic Touch. BCR B&B only provides scheduling and setup as an "Experience Service" to our guests.

- Innkeepers may schedule and partake if Retreaters have given them a hard time!!!! 

Deep Tissue Massage Quilting, Scrapbooking, Knitting Retreat


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