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Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival



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April 22-24, 2021 – Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival (Marshfield, MO)

June 12, 2021 – Bluegrass and Dessert Under The Stars (Blackberry Creek Retreat B&B)

June 18-19, 2021 – Lebanon Route 66 Festival (Lebanon, MO)

September 18, 2021 – Amish Dinner and Bluegrass (Blackberry Creek Retreat B&B)

December 4&5, 2021 – Our Annual Country Christmas Open House & Craft Bazaar (Blackberry Creek Retreat B&B) – Mark your calendars, always the first weekend in December. Details posted beginning summer 2021)


While our Country Christmas Open House & Craft Bazaar the first weekend in December has been a success, we are adding more “FUN” events to involve community and culture.

Mark your calendars for 2021 – December 4th and 5th, 2021 are the dates for this year’s event. See you there…

Area Events, Blackberry Creek Retreat Bed & Breakfast

In 2017 we began hosting an Amish Dinner & Bluegrass evening, and attendees wanted more, so a second event was scheduled and SOLD OUT. In 2018, we added a Dessert & Bluegrass Under the Stars event that July. Since then, we have hosted a Spring and Fall Amish Dinner & Bluegrass evening.

COVID-19 raised it’s ugly head in 2020, and we had to cancel our Spring event, held a half size Fall event. In 2021, we hoped to get back to normal and anxiously await a demise of the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s restrictions so we can once again fill the house with music loving patrons. Our 2021 Spring event was still cancelled, BUT, we are happy to report the Summer and Fall Events are on.

Bluegrass and Dessert Under The Stars – Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Amish Dinner and Bluegrass – Saturday, September 18th, 2021

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Area Events, Blackberry Creek Retreat Bed & Breakfast

We are also contemplating Book Signings and Historical Lecture Evenings. Watch for more events at this page, or on our FaceBook Events page.

We’re always pondering new ideas. 


Area Events, Blackberry Creek Retreat Bed & Breakfast

Words scribed on this page can’t express exactly what to expect at this local Festival with national and international influences. Each year, the last weekend in April, Marshfield, Missouri welcomes visitors and guests from many place and histories. Presidential descendants, stars of film and television, and people with historical imprints to this Ozarks community to fellowship and share their stories.

Imagine descendants of slave Dred Scott hosting reconciliation forums with a great great grandson of Confederate President Jefferson Davis! One might see grandchildren of Presidents conversing with actresses from The Waltons or Little House on The Prairie t.v. shows. Famous Missourians from all walks of life getting a star on the sidewalk outside the Historical Society. Authors receiving awards and signing books. Various awards given to national and community honorees who have left their mark. The great grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, a survivor from Hiroshima or Pearl Harbor, White House staff members and their stories, Veteran members, and musicians all have participated.

Vendors, music, dinners, luncheons, a high tea, and the events go on and on. For a past review of this special Festival, click on this link – Missouri Cherry Blossom Festival.