As we entered 2021, the nation has learned so much more about the Coronovirus (COVID-19) since it’s presence in early 2020 and more vaccines are being approved and rushed into the population rapidly. Caution, policies and guidelines remain, and we are closely monitoring this. Furthermore, your Innkeepers here have received their vaccines. As was the case prior to COVID, we work diligently to clean and sanitize our guest rooms.

All surface and touch areas outside the guest rooms get sanitized, and we request guests if they use or touch things like books, DVD’s, throws, etc, to leave them out for us to sanitize after their departure. We began wearing masks on-site when social distancing can’t be practiced (i.e. serving food and check-in). We also seat guests for breakfast with social distancing in mind. Hand washing is practiced, and we also have wipes, sanitizer, and alcohol stations for personal and guests use. 

We know we are not in control of this virus and spread solely by doing these things. We rely on our guests having practiced the same prevention practices on their side, We watch our own health, and we watch all the on-line data streams (national, Missouri, county) to stay abreast of updates regarding COVID-19.

This IS a serious virus, and the numbers are not to be ignored, but they remain low and falling in many respects in our rural area, COVID primarily affects a targeted population (elderly, persons with health issues, non-spread practicing people, etc.).

If we were to become symptomatic, we WON’T HESITATE to close the business until we recover. Our guests safety is our priority. Our prayers and thoughts pour out to our country, leadership, and all Americans and other nations as we work together to put this global tragedy behind us.