We Appreciate All YOU Do…..

June 28, 2022

We Appreciate All YOU Do….., Blackberry Creek Retreat Bed & Breakfast

Over the 15 plus years of our Bed & Breakfast being opened, we have welcomed and met many, many people, from all walks of life. We also get many thanks, notes, shares, tokens of appreciation for what WE do. However, it should be known how much we appreciate all YOU do. To the service members, first responders, teachers and school staff, public service employees, volunteers, farmers, medical and care providers, and on, and on, and on.

As an Innkeeper, I often share we have a better touch on the pulse of community over that which the media (news) reflects. We overhear discussions on health struggles, children’s stories (school staff), family services challenges, law enforcement incidents, healthcare events, and so on. What we do is minimal to what YOU do for our communities. From this, we all grow closer together as friends.

I wanted to share one such story of a guest (and his wife). When Robert and Judy first came to stay with us traveling from their St. Louis area home, he mentioned he had been here before, with his late wife for a birthday party weekend of another family (another story in itself). After Robert’s wife’s passing, he remarried Judy, a widower herself, and they love to travel and experience places, like ours. Their stays and fellowship grew into a wonderful friendship, and while they traveled overseas, a cruise, etc., they often returned to Blackberry Creek Retreat B&B, for a stay, a Bluegrass Dinner event (many of those), and recently, a stay they wanted to squeeze in before we closed (and before a planned cruise they booked).

We Appreciate All YOU Do….., Blackberry Creek Retreat Bed & Breakfast

Robert & Judy struck up a friendship with our other overnight guests attending a few of the Amish Dinner & Bluegrass evenings here….

We were flattered they kept returning and wondered why we were part of their “world adventures”? They also struck up friendships with other guests, our Amish friends, and found time to explore local places and landmarks. Recently, they ventured down to Top of the Rock, and Robert brought me a copy of a book he grabbed there, knowing I was reading Civil War history (which we discussed earlier).

We Appreciate All YOU Do….., Blackberry Creek Retreat Bed & Breakfast

Robert and Judy brought me back this book from a day trip to Branson. If you like history, I definitely recommend it.

The book is a great volume which I am enjoying and wanted him to know this. I sent Robert a text thanking him once more, and telling him how much I was enjoying reading the short stories….He replied he would get back to me, he was doing Honor Guard duty, four services in a row, at Jefferson Barracks (St. Louis) National Cemetery……one of those 100+ degrees days recently. I should mention Robert is 83 and a veteran himself. A special person.

We Appreciate All YOU Do….., Blackberry Creek Retreat Bed & Breakfast

Bob is pictured here with Jared Schmidt’s father at Jefferson Barracks Cemetery. Robert was one of the Honor Guards serving in the ceremony honoring Jared, one of 13 soldiers killed in the evacuation of Afghanistan.


Yesterday, I attended a military service here, for a dear friend of mine. When the Honor Guard provided their gun salute and taps, I couldn’t help to think of Robert and his service up in St. Louis. Thank you Robert and Judy for your friendship, your patronage to our business, and your service to your community. Special guests, special friends……