Innkeeper Down, But Not Out……

December 22, 2021

You may have picked up on social media chatter, or directly from this Innkeeper that December 9th, I had bypass (open heart) surgery. Not in the plans, but thankfully a result of watching for heart issues and signs with my doctor. After noticing a “few” episodes of shortness of breath after a long or incline walk, and some pressure in the middle of my chest, I asked my primary care doctor about this, suspecting maybe reflux. He ordered a stress test saying shortness of breath wouldn’t be caused by reflux or GERD. Didn’t take long, and as I prepped for the treadmill feeling pretty good about things, the cardio doctor walks in, looks at the sonogram (baseline they call this, before treadmill) and says “you won’t have to get on the treadmill, I see you have a problem”. He scheduled an angiogram within a few days, and thinking OK, maybe a stent or two, he brings me back to the room, and says he didn’t do stents or ballooning, but scheduled me to meet with their cardiovascular surgeon regarding bypasses.

The surgeon looking at the schedule and us at ours, said to go ahead and host your Annual Christmas Open House and Craft Bazaar, we’ll schedule right after that. So the week after, in I went for surgery. This is not a surgery I recommend, but thankfully, and the doctor(s) all told me “good thing you recognized the signs and got this before you had a major event.”. The photo above is my ICU room and the equipment and feeds I was plugged up to right after surgery. They get you up walking the next day, and try to encourage several walks a day. I can’t express the great compassion and care I received in the four days in ICU (released home from there!) from doctors to staff in that unit. Awesome bunch.

Innkeeper Down, But Not Out……, Blackberry Creek Retreat Bed & Breakfast

As I write this, I have been out of the hospital 10 days in a projected 6-8 week healing and recovery. Not lifting more than 10 pounds I was was told over and over, but exercise and light work OK. I am told I am now a member of the Zipper Club (not sure when and where we meet).

Our December business was light, and I want to thank those who had reservations, but understood and rebooked later dates or elsewhere. Moreover, I want to THANK each and everyone of you (and many more outside this circle) FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEALING HEART, for all the comments, prayers, thoughts, phone calls, and communications leading up to the surgery, and after. It means a lot, and encourages me to be a better servant on the backside of this ordeal.

Moving forward, we’ll be open for business again after the first of the year. We have one group booked and staying the New Year’s Weekend, and others already booked throughout the year. This Innkeeper “may be” slow, but hope to have a little more step in my giddy up.

In closing, and with this experience, would like to share something a fellow worked YEARS AGO said to me when I was young and he not so – “your body sends you signals and you need to listen to those signals before something more serious prevails”. My situation was in thinking my tiredness or maybe short breath now and then was a sing of out of shape, over weight, getting old. Maybe some, but I also partnered with my primary care doctor to monitor heart issues (dad had bypasses, as did my brother at 37 years old). I do regular checkups, blood-work, etc.  So while I was maybe thinking not heart (age, weight, etc.), doc recognized maybe a deeper look this time. Glad he did. So I encourage each reader to just be vigilante with YOUR health and listen to those signs…..

In closing, wishing all a Blessed and Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year….