Egg Wraps / Egg Logs Recipe

September 29, 2021

For the past few years, many guests have been treated with breakfast dish we call “Egg Wraps”, an egg “tortilla like thing” filled with cheese and veggies, then rolled up, oven, then sliced in half, then quarters and stood on end (two to a plate) and garnished. This year, using the same assembly technique, we decided to lay half the roll (called it a log so not to be confused with the Chinese appetizer) down on a plate, and add a mushroom sauce lightly on top. Both have been well received, so it’s time to share this recipe…

Egg Wraps / Egg Logs

Serves 2 (Wraps) to 3 (Logs)


Egg Wrap or Log

6 Large Farm Fresh Eggs

1 cup Grated Italian Cheese Blend

½ cup mushrooms (bellas, chanterelles, lobsters or choice) – sautéed

½ cup onions chopped – sautéed

Veggies? Here you can use broccoli, asparagus (pictured), zucchini, yellow squash – sautéed with onions and mushrooms – the more the merrier (will use excess later)

Tbsp Olive Oil – one for veggies, one for eggs

Pinch of Salt and White Pepper


Sauce (for Logs – haven’t used on Wraps but guess you can explore)

½ can of Cream of Mushroom Soup

½ cup sour cream

1 Tbsp Butter

Dash of milk as needed to thin


Garnish (Logs)

Fresh Basil – chopped

Roma Tomato (seeded and chopped)

Pinch of Grated Italian Cheese

How Do I Make It Now?

Sauce – In a small sauce pan, simmer all ingredients for sauce while making egg dish. Stir now and then, but do not boil…..If you want a thinner consistency, add a little milk now and then. You may also add bits of your sautéed veggies.

Egg Dish – Bring a 12” non-stick skillet with Tbsp of oil to Medium heat. While doing this, beat 6 eggs blending, pinch of salt and white pepper. With pan up to heat and oil spread, pour beat eggs evening into pan so that it spreads and fills. Watch carefully for eggs to begin to set, but not brown or burn backside. I usually pull pan off heat for a minute or two to set before flipping.

The tricky part is using a LARGE spatula to work under the egg “tortilla”, release and flip without breaking and tearing. Back on heat for about 2-3 minutes, again, trying not to brown or burn the egg.

Slide this 12” round egg onto a piece of parchment paper.

Sprinkle grated cheese covering the 12” round egg. On one end, about 1/3 way in, add sautéed veggies (reserve a few for garnish or sauce) in a line across the egg left to right. If using asparagus, I allow the tips to stick out the ends a bit (see photo).

Beginning on end closest to you, using both hands, start to roll tightly away from you, capturing the veggies, and wrapping them up within the roll. Once rolled into a log, place on plate or sheet pan and put into warming oven (170°F) until serving. This melts the cheese and allows you to make additional rolls if you choose. I take the reserved veggies and chop and add to warming plate for later.


As mentioned, you can go a couple directions with the loaded egg roll you have made.

Egg Wraps – Cut egg roll in half, then each half into half again (4 pieces). Turn and stand on end, 2 pieces together (may have to rotate if one piece or other wants to tip so they support each other. Once standing, I generally add the leftover chopped veggies and pinch of grated cheese.

Egg Wraps / Egg Logs Recipe, Blackberry Creek Retreat Bed & Breakfast

Egg Wraps with Diced Potato Medley and Burgers Smokehouse Bacon

Egg Logs – Cut egg roll in half or thirds (depending on how many you are serving) and lay horizontally on plate. Drizzle the  log with Mushroom Sauce, and garnish with basil and tomatoes. Makes for a colorful Holiday dish with these colors!

Suggested Serving with Burgers Smokehouse Bacon and Hash Brown Casserole or Potato Haystacks (as seen).

Bon Appetite…