Blackberry Creek Retreat Bed and Breakfast has gained a reputation of a special place in the Missouri Ozarks, where special people come together, creating special projects, indulging in wonderful meals, in a reclusive, quiet location.  Well, quiet until they arrive! Whether they come to Scrapbook, Sew, Knit, Needlepoint, Crosstitch, Quilt, celebrate a Girl's Weekend, or just read a book, first time Retreaters arrive curious to what to expect, and leave new friends and refreshed from their country escape. Our Retreaters have blessed us with many fond memories, relationships, stories, and an exhibition of their individual creative genius.

From our first Quilters Retreat Weekend in the beginning, Blackberry Creek Retreat B&B has developed a sense of the perfect retreat experience, deliver what we have learned, and this usually results in more often than not, our Retreaters closing the weekend by saying, "Get your calendar, we want to see what you have available.....". Many come two or three times a year.

Our five Guest Rooms allow a minimum requirement for a "Group Retreat" is (10) overnight Retreaters, double occupancy, but can accommodate a maximum (14) Retreaters by placing twin beds in four of those rooms. A very fulfilling breakfast and dinner are provided on changing vintage plating and service ware, making each meal a rewarding dining experience. Delicious after dinner desserts with access to our changing variety of Blue Bell Ice Cream selection, finish out each evening. 

For more photos and information on past retreats visit our blog.

 To request more  information, check availability of your date, please contact us and we'll get in touch with you soon.

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Retreat Pricing

A GREAT Value For Such Rewarding Getaway

Retreat Pricing (tax included)

Subject to Change without notice.

2 Night Weekend Retreat....................$200 p/p

3 Night Weekend Retreat ...................$250 p/p

4 Night Weekday Retreat....................$300 p/p

(Dinner on Retreater 1st night of 4-Night - eat dinner before coming or bring your dinner in)

Group Retreats

- When a "Group" desires to reserve the complete facility for a Retreat, a minimum of (10) people is required. If less than Ten (10) retreaters arrive, the cost will be for the 10 minimum. BCR reserves the right to assign rooms based on load, but normally we allow your Organizer to assign rooms. 

Ozarks Quilting Group Retreat / Scrapbooking Retreat

- We have (5) guest rooms - (2) Kings, (2) Queens and (1) with 3 Twin Beds, Double occupancy required. We can host a maximum of (15) Retreaters in beds (twins can be added to those rooms not having one).

- If a group chooses a 3 or 4-night retreat, and not all retreaters can do 3- nights, Blackberry Creek Retreat Bed & Breakfast will allow a split of 3 or 4- nighters and 2-nighters. We just need advance confirmation of how many arriving for each night.

If a group chooses a 3 or 4-night retreat, and not all retreaters can do 3- nights, Blackberry Creek Retreat Bed & Breakfast will allow a split of 3 or 4-nighters and 2-nighters. We just need advance confirmation of how many arriving for each night.

Open Retreats

When approached by a group with less than the (10) minimum for complete facility booking, Blackberry Creek Retreat B&B will review the smaller group request, and if an agreed upon date can be made, Blackberry Creek Retreat B&B will block that retreat date, and attempt to fill the remaining slots with our own client list.

- In some cases, we may need to place a retreater in one of your rooms if overflow (greater than ten retreaters) is realized. The extra person will be assigned a twin bed.

Springfield Missouri Area Retreats- If the retreat date is not filled by Blackberry Creek Retreat B&B, the double occupancy requirement stands, and the open rooms will not be filled by non- retreaters unless a "special circumstance" arises.

- Some "Open Retreats" may be of mixed crafts i.e. knitters, scrapbookers, quilters, etc. In these cases, we will announce this up front.
- If a 3-night retreat is desired, and not all retreaters can do 3- nights, Blackberry Creek Retreat B&B will recruit allowing for either a 3- night and 2- night Retreat. We just need advance confirmation of which plan you want.

Retreat Policies

- Price includes lodging, two daily meals (breakfast & dinner), Snack/Drink Tables, taxes, work tables and chairs, our signature Welcome Blackberry Spritzer upon arrival, and plenty of Ozarks beauty and hospitality.

- Time - Retreaters can arrive at 3 pm first day of their stay (2-night, 3-night, etc.), through noon last day. Organizers can arrive 2 hours earlier for setup of your group (i.e. room assignments, gift packages, table setup confirmation & approval, etc.). In cases where the Retreat does not have bookings on either end, additional time for Retreating is often allowed, i.e. Sunday departure mid-afternoon. Check with Innkeepers prior to arrival, or if earlier arrival or meal (extra charge) is required.

- A Deposit of $50 per Retreater or $500 per group required to hold your weekend. This deposit is non-refundable. An additional non-refundable payment of $50 per person is required 45 days before the event. Final payment is due at time of Retreat.

Gourmet Food Retreat Good Eats

- Food Allergies and RestrictionsBlackberry Creek Retreat B&B must be contacted two weeks prior to the event with any Retreater's food allergies or restrictions. We do our best to accommodate these requests while providing the others with the same quality and fine food normally provided.

AlcoholBlackberry Creek Retreat B&B can not sell alcohol. However, you are welcome to bring your own drinks, wine, beer, etc. We will provide wine glasses, and drink setups for meals.

BCR Retreat Prices 5.0 

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Amish Dinner

(Costs included in Retreat price)

Amish Dinner in an Amish Family Home

Our Webster County is home to the largest community of Amish families in Missouri, an maybe one of the most conservative. So, it is a pleasure that we have become close friends with one Amish family, and they welcome our guests to their home for dinner and a visit. We exchange one night's dinner here at Blackberry Creek Retreat B&B and drive a short distance over to the Schwartz home. 

Amish Country Webster County B&B

Once there, they provide a meal reminiscent of what one retreater proclaimed "this is like eating at Grandma's house". Homemade noodles, buttermilk fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and the desserts, OH, THOSE DESSERTS. We can bring them back for devouring later....

Amish Baked Goods & Dinner

After our bellies are full, we generally settled into Amish crafted rocking chairs in the living room and visit with the Schwartz family a bit, before returning to the Retreat with wonderful memories in our heads.

This offer is included in the Retreat price (BCR pays for this versus providing that meal at BCR) and is available only if ALL retreaters agree to partake. BCR will not make a meal this evening.  We can bring a food package back for one or two desiring to not go if they'd like, BUT, we like to have a minimum of ten (10) of more go, and if less, we reserve the option to fill seats with others that have expressed a desire to join us.

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Retreat Massages

(Additional Fee)

Retreat Massages - RELAX

Blackberry Creek Retreat offers relaxing and therapeutic massages provided by a licensed and insured 3rd party Massage Therapist with 10 years experience. Whether you've had a stressful work week, or need those retreat kinks massaged away, this service provides a rejuvenating and relaxing session, vitalizing and renewing your body for the coming days.

The Therapeutic Touch will come to your Retreat, setup their massage table in one of our King Guest Rooms, drop the shades and lights, put on some soft music, and begin the process of massaging your cares away....Choose the amount of time needed for your particular needs. 

Prerequisites & Costs

- Costs - 1 Hour @ $50 or 1/2 Hour @ $30. Credit Card, Check and Cash accepted.

- Advance Notice requested and service made available based on Therapist's schedule.

- Requires use of one of your King guestrooms for setup and service. We prefer not to do this in open areas.

- A minimum of 2 hours combined massages required. Maximum daily time is 4-5 hours day for a single Therapist . Longer times may involve two day schedule or use of a 2nd Massage Therapist in other King room.

- Payment to be made directly to The Therapeutic Touch. BCR B&B only provides scheduling and setup as an "Experience Service" to our guests.

- Innkeepers may schedule and partake if Retreaters have given them a hard time!!!! 

Deep Tissue Massage Quilting, Scrapbooking, Knitting Retreat


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Retreat Schedule

A Look at Retreats Booked to Date

For reference, we like to publish for our retreaters and guests "Booked Retreats". While Retreats are not our only business, they do book many dates well in advance. 

2016 Retreats

 Nov. 10-13 - Craft Junkies (Old Friends) - FULL - Various Crafters 

Dec. 16-18 - Family Christmas Retreat (Old Friends) - PRIVATE EVENT

December 29-January 2 - Nixi-Knobbers (Old Friends) - FULL - Various Crafters

2017 Retreats

January 5-8 - Scrap-A-Holics Anonymous (Old Friends) - FULL - Crafters

January 11-15 - Blackberry Patchers (Old Friends) - FULL - Quilters

January 19-22 - Knit WIts (Old Friends) - FULL - Knitters

January 26-29- Sue's Cellar Dwellers  (Old Friends) - FULL - Quilters

February 2-5 - Scrappn' Floozies (Old Friends) - FULL - Scrapbookers

February 23-26 - Craft Junkies (Old Friends) - FULL - Various Crafters

March 2-5 - FarmGirl Sisters (Old Friends) FULL - Various Crafters 

April 5-9 - Blackberry Patchers (Old Friends) - FULL - Quilters

April 13-16 - International Sisterhood of Scrappers & Kitters (Old Friends) - FULL - Various Crafters

May 3-7 - Lunch Bunch (Old Friends) - FULL - Quilters

May 14-20 - HEAFR's Quilt Group (NEW - Week Long Retreat) - FULL - Quilters

June 23-25 - Private Family Retreat - PRIVATE EVENT

August 17-20 - Nixi-Knobbers (Old Friends) - FULL - Various Crafters

August 24-2 - Scrapp'n Floozies (Old Friends) - FULL - Scrapbookers

September 6-10 - Ding Dong Quilters (Old Friends) - FULL - Quilters

September 14-17 - Fabric Stashers (NEW Group) - FULL - Quilters

September 27-October 1- Blackberry Patchers (Old Friends) - FULL - Quilters

October 4-8 - Scrap Out Loud (Old Friends) - FULL - Various Crafters

October 20-23 - Sewing Sisters (NEW Group) - FULL - Quilters

October 26-29 - Greater Ozarks Sewing Sisters - (Old Friends) - FULL - Quilters

November 8-13 - Craft Junkies (Old Friends) - FULL - Various Crafters

December 29-January 1 - Nixi-Knobbers (Old Friends) - FULL - Various Crafters

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